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We are FatCat Coffee House

Here at FatCat we like to think that every customer has a unique personality and that's why we offer a considerable range of products. Thus, we ensure that there are no exceptions in delivering the perfect taste.

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Coffee Freshly Roasted. In Iasi

You can enjoy an exciting experience every day with a freshly roasted, ground or bean specialty coffee, a selection from all over the world in every cup.

Why specialty coffee?

Flavour and creme

The freshly roasted specialty coffee is more aromatic, the delicate notes are more accentuated, the cream is more consistent.

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For Coffee Lovers and the ones that want to experiment

Our products are aimed both at coffee lovers who want to enjoy the aroma of freshly roasted coffee in their own home, and at cafes that want to delight their customers with a special taste.

We will help you

Do you want to open a coffee shop?

specialty coffee freshly roasted by us 🙂, a wide variety of origins

equipment rental from us

consulting in choosing equipment and getting a very good price for it

suppliers verified by us for consumables

staff training and business start-up

Purrfect Coffee. FatCat Coffee

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